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Welcome to the AR! Below, today's updates and the site news.
Updated Sites Site Type Updated
 See what others have to say about Best Old Games Best Old Games Abandonware 04/16/14
 See what others have to say about Classic Trash Classic Trash Abandonware 04/16/14
 See what others have to say about Computer Emuzone Computer Emuzone AW & Emu 04/16/14
 See what others have to say about GameGraveyard GameGraveyard Abandonware 04/16/14
 See what others have to say about GamesWin GamesWin Abandonware 04/16/14
 See what others have to say about AW & Emu 04/16/14
 See what others have to say about The Good Old Days The Good Old Days Abandonware 04/16/14

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Posted by Bakkelun on 2014-03-02:
Hello! How are you holding up? Here are the most recent updates and what they have to show for!

A Force for Good adds a review by Rik, namely CSI: Hard Evidence. Does it have good arguments to be a good game, head over and read for yourself.

Gameswin has plenty to add this day! Galaxian, that space invader clone for the Atari, Hard Drivin' 1 and 2 and Moraff's Dungeons of the Unforgiven. I may not be forgiven for not knowing any of these, but perhaps you do!

We at The DOS Spirit added two games for the Nintendo platforms. Namely Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! from 1996 for the SNES and Adventure Island II 1992 for the NES. It's trouble in paradise in both games!

Mr. Creosote and the gang at The Good Old Days have added God of Thunder, Walls of Rome and Ambush at Sorinor. All strategy or combat games in some form. Additionally, a big congrats to The Good Old Days - The site is now over 14 years old! Older than most of its visitors, no doubt! Keep up the good work, Mr. Creo / TGOD!

Speaking of years, it's strange to think of how time flies. I think I've been at The Abandonware Ring for around 8 freaking years now! Damn.

Until next time, stay retro!

- bakkelun

Posted by Cheguevara on 2014-02-24:
Only one update today:

The Good Old Days added Teenagent.


Posted by Latis on 2014-01-21:
Wow Latis is back

thanks! Now, on with the show.
4 updates.
Good Old Days created a new review about Beyond Columns.
AbandonwareDos added info on Alpha Centauri.
Classic Trash added World of Tanks, Formula 1 and Premier League.
and finally XTCabandonware added a bunch of games since last update Sensible Soccer 96-97, Scrabble Deluxe, Anno1602 and Deadlock

Latis out

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