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Welcome to the AR! Below, today's updates and the site news.
Updated Sites Site Type Updated
 See what others have to say about 3 A Force for Good Reviews 04/11/21
 See what others have to say about 526 Abandonware France Abandonware 04/11/21
 See what others have to say about 538 Abandonware Gazette Community News 04/11/21
 See what others have to say about 366 Best Old Games Abandonware 04/11/21
 See what others have to say about 534 Resource 04/11/21
 See what others have to say about 377 DJ OldGames Abandonware 04/11/21
 See what others have to say about 423 The Good Old Days Abandonware 04/11/21
 See what others have to say about 350 The Retro Spirit - Since 1832™ Resource / Abandonware 04/11/21
 See what others have to say about 524 Zombs Lair AW & Emu 04/11/21

Posted by The Hydra on 2021-04-11:
Happy Post-Easter! Updates have been posted.

- Hydra

Posted by The Hydra on 2021-03-16:
Happy Still Winter! 🏔️🌨️ Updates have been posted.

Stay safe during these extraordinary times 👩‍⚕️

- Hydra

Posted by SteinsGate on 2021-02-25:


Best old Games - Best old games is back with a fresh design change to their site and adds Lode Runner: The Legend Returns and Super SOlvers: Treasure Mountain! Welcome back BOG!
DJ Old Games  - The DJ of Old Games have added Fortress of Narzod from 1983 and Frogger from 1981 respectively.

Other news

New sources and pioneers for really old gaming music is hard to find. Especially those for the Commondore, Amiga and them 80s/90s consoles. And yes, while there definitely are some solid communities for demos (i.e Pouet), scene music (i.e Nectarine Radio), and even remixes (i.e Remix Kwed, Slay Radio, w.m) and more retro gaming podcasts than you can throw your hat at, they seldom focus on one platform. Sometimes you just want to sit back and stay while with some curated retro tunes.

One such foray into the specific is the Ericade Radio Network, where it's all about the Amiga and the music made for that machine.

Hosted by Daemon, a swedish programmer, that's been doing this more or less since the 90s (!) it's all about Amiga mod music in the purest sense. The radio features a live host that comments and talks about the music you listen to, which is a seldom treat these days. You can listen to the radio stream here.

They too have a podcast for some of their regularly scheduled contents that runs on Saturdays, called Amiga Flashback.

This update is not affiliated, endorsed or paid in any means. We simply want to highlight passionate users out there who are doing magnificent things.

This news update is a new effort to spotlight some of the excellent talents out there, with a burning passion for what they do. The scene, in all its forms, couldn't live without them.

If you know someone you'd like featured, reach out to us on the Abandonware Ring Discord! There are plenty of personalities out there that should have more attention.

- The Abandonware Ring Discord
- The Ericade Radio stream
- The Ericade Radio Network Discord

Until next time, stay safe in these trying times.

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