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Welcome to the AR! Below, today's updates and the site news.
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 See what others have to say about AW & Emu 09/30/14

The Settlers II Gold Edition, DRM-free for just $9.99.
All games are guaranteed to work on Windows XP and Vista

Posted by Cheguevara on 2014-09-22:
After a couple of days no with updates, guess what? We have updates!

DJ OldGames added Shadowgate.
RetroGames added Tecmo Super Bowl.
The Good Old Days has updated their review of Elefanten! which sounds extremely german!

Thank you visiting The Abandonware Ring!

Posted by Cheguevara on 2014-09-17:
Two updates today!

The Good Old Days added a nice little review for one of my all time favorite games, Stunts.
Free Abandonware I guess forgot to send in the update from a week ago, looks fishy but only for this one time I'll let it slide trough. They added five games including Captain Blood, Cadaver, Caesar, California Games and California Games 2.

Hopefully we'll start to picking up the pace soon!

Posted by Cheguevara on 2014-09-11:
Again no updates today either. To fill in that emptiness inside here is yet another video game fun fact:

"In the 1980s, a service called Gameline allowed users to download games to the Atari 2600 over regular phone lines. It was not a success, but did form part of the foundation for America Online, the world's largest Internet service provider." -HowStuffWorks

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