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Welcome to the AR! Below, today's updates and the site news.
Updated Sites Site Type Updated
 See what others have to say about AW & Emu 12/21/14
 See what others have to say about The DOS Spirit The DOS Spirit Abandonware 12/21/14
 See what others have to say about The Good Old Days The Good Old Days Abandonware 12/20/14

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Posted by Bakkelun on 2014-12-21:
Hey look everyone! It's Christmas time! Holidays! And I'm back with more updates! Since like forever! Hey, let's look what's cooking!

RetroGames added Laser Blast, Commander Keen 7 and Commander Keen 8: Dead in the Desert. Didn't know the series had that many installments!

We at The DOS Spirit are running our annual Christmas Calendar for the 10th year in a row. Latest additions are Pizza Tycoon, Grand Prix Circuit and Little Samson.

Mr. Creosote and his team over at The Good Old Days have a winter theme for titles on their site and the recent additions include Arctic Baron aka Transarctica which is a strategic combat game and some box scans for Comanche. Goodies!

Until next time, stay retro and merry Christmas!

- bakkelun

Posted by Bakkelun on 2014-10-26:
Update appended.

The Good Old Days added their last game of their ongoing themes section, this time around it's a promotional game "Berlin Connection". An adventure game of sorts that is of course in german. Since it's a promotional game, don't expect much from story or the interface, as Mr. Creosote says himself.

We at The DOS Spirit are 10 years old, and I wrote an article about it here.

Until next time, stay retro!
- bakkelun

Posted by Bakkelun on 2014-10-05:
Updates! You know, like those one's we used to have years back! adds The Need for Speed (DOS) and Street Fighter (DOS). The first Street Fighter is not nearly as good as its sequel.

We at The DOS Spirit find that it's dangerous to go alone so we take up the sword in The Legend of Zelda for NES and are travelling to the New World in Seven Cities of Gold (DOS).

The Good Old Games are looking at promotional games (you know, like CoolSpot or Croc) and this time they have a gander at Falcon Beertender (Windows), a swedish beer serving game that perhaps could've been better.
They also added Das Erbe (Amiga), one of the very first free of cost games in Germany (that later also sparked the genre as we know it) where you have to renovate your late uncle's House.

Until next time,
stay retro!

- bakkelun

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