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New Site!
Great! You have a website and you want it to be listed in our site index. We will gladly list your website as long as it is related to abandonware, emulation, or classic gaming in general. We ask that you have an Abandonware Ring button or text link on your main page before you apply. The button/text link is required for all of our members so when a guest is done with your website they can follow the button to find more websites with similar content.

We ask that you do not offer downloads or links to warez content (games that are still being sold/supported by their publishers/developers). We only offer these games as a last resort because the companies which created them no longer sell or support them.

How Our "Star" Rating System Grades a Site:
Curious how we come up with those star ratings for the sites? We use the following guidelines:

1. Games (Half star: some un-common games | Full star: a lot of un-common games)
2. Site Design (Half star: functional design | Full star: functional and very pleasing to look at)
3. Screenshots (Half star: one screenshot per game | Full star: more than one screenshot per game)
4. Reviews/Comments (Half star: reviews for most games | Full star: excellent reviews on every game)
5. Documents/"Extras" (Half star: some documents | Full star: documents for most games)

Filling in your information:
Now that you've read all the above, take your time to fill in this form correctly. After submission you'll automatically be transferred back to our front page, and contacted via e-mail when your site is added to the index.

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Site URL:
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Site Language:
Game Count:
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Doc Count:

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