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Welcome to the AR! Below, today's updates and the site news.
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Posted by The Hydra on 2024-08-15:
Update system is broken. Meanwhile, use Discord.

- The Hydra

Posted by Diskboy on 2022-07-12:
I'm not sure if I deleted the updates, or the script is broken - as NO WAY TGOD wouldn't have updated!!

Posted by CheGuevara on 2022-05-08:
We're back! Finally!

We're still getting used to the new server, so expect things to be a bit buggy still. Nontheless, the site is back up and fully functional. Hope you're sticking around because we have a couple of surprises coming your way, so stay tuned!

Updates have been added, so make sure to check out their new content.

That's it for today!

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